December 21,2016

Prof Yu from USTC presented an excellent talk of Li/Na ion batteries in CSU!


December 6,2016

Prfo. Ji were awarded as the Prized of Hunan Youth Science and Technology!


November 28,2016

Prof. Ji were invited to give a talk about CQD at Hunan S&T Univ!


November 23,2016
Prof. Peng from Fudan Univ gave a great talk at CNT in Ji’s group.

November 20,2016

Prof. Ji went to have a project meeting with Dr Wang at Jeve EV energy company in Tianjin!


November 19,2016

Dr Ji and prof. Zhang have visited Prof. Chen in Nankai University!


November 10,2016

Great group activities were organized by the department!


October 21,2016

Prof. Ji joined the 17th IUMRS International Conferences in Asia!


October 15,2016

Prof. Yury gave an invited talk on energy storages in Ji’s group!


September 29,2016

Dr Yang from Sun Yat-sen unit visited Ji’s group!


September 20,2016

Dr Xi from Nanyang tech at Singapore gave a talk for biosensing using mechanobiology!


September 19,2016

Congratulations to Zhang Yan for her paper" Graphene-rich Wrapped Petal-like Rutile TiO2 Tuned by Carbon Dots for HighPerformance Sodium Storage" has been highlighted as the front cover of Advanced Materials!


September 7,2016

Dr Xu gave an invited talk about how to Maximise your success at Wiley!


August 19,2016

Prof. Ji joined the meeting of Physchem&Metallurgy at Guiling.


August 12,2016

Prof. Ji gave a invited talk in International Symposium of Next-generation Batteries at Wollongong, Australia.


July 20,2016

Prof. Banks. From MMU visited Ji’s Group!


July 12,2016

Prof Ji gave an electrochemical talk at Sichuan university at 12 of July


July 2,2016

Prof’s Ji took students to Nanjing Petrochemical for internship.


June 16,2016
Dr Jipei Yuan visited our lab!

June 14,2016
Prof. Ji gave a talk in 2016 China International Symposium on Energy and Materials Chemistry.

June 13,2016
Ji Group attended the Nature Conference-Materials for Energy 2016!

June 8,2016
Prof. Ji visited prof. Cao at Jianghan University!

June 5,2016
Group activity--Window of the World!

June 1,2016
Xuming Yang and Zhibin Wu finshed their graduation disertations! Congratulations to them!

May 17,2016
Dr. Hongshuai Hou and Dr. Mingjun Jing finshed their graduation disertations! Congratulations to them!

March 26,2016
Prof. Banks and Dr. Chris visited our group!

March 25,2016
Congratulations to Prof. Ji for being appointed as the adjunct professor of Xinyang Normal University!

March 10,2016
Congratulations! Xuming Yang got the admission offer of City University of Hongkong!

February 23,2016
Prof. Ji Visiting Prof. Banks at MMU!

January 23,2016
Prof Ji attended the eleventh session of the Changsha Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference

January 16,2016
Prof Ji visited Prof Riqing Chen at fujian agriculture and forestry university