August 28,2017

Prof. Ji visited Prof.Long Zhen at Tianjin University of Technology!


August 16,2017

Congratulations! Zou Guoqiang’ paper “Preparation of S/N-codoped Carbon Nanosheets with tunable interlayer distance for High-Rate Sodium-ion Batteries” has been accepted by GREEN CHEMISTRY.


August 15,2017

Congratulations to Zhaodong Huang for his paper-"Molybdenum Phosphide: A Conversion-type Anode for Ultralong-Life Sodium-Ion Batteries" has been accepted by CHEM MATER.


August 3,2017

Group member Zhu Yi-rong’ dissertation has been choosen as Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Hunan Province. Congratulations!


August 3,2017

Congratulations to Song Weixin for his dissertation has been choosen as Excellent master' Dissertation of Hunan Province!


July 23,2017

Congratulations! Group member Guo Tianxiao has won the first prize in Hunan province third sessions of “Internet Plus”innovation and entrepreneurship contest for college students.


July 20,2017

Congratulations! Wu Tianjing’ paper “Antimony Anchored with Nitrogen-Doping Porous Carbon as a High-Performance Anode Material for Na-Ion Batteries” has been accepted by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


July 3,2017

Prof. Ji visited Prof.Xiaohui Ning and Prof.Jinying Zhang at CAMP NANO of XI'AN JIAOTONG Univ!


June 27,2017

Prof. Ji was invited to present a talk at 4th  China-United States Symposium on Energy at Shang University!


June 18,2017

Congratulations to Zhaodong Huang for his paper-"Layer-Tunable Phosphorene Modulated by the Cation Insertion Rate as a Sodium-Storage Anode" has been accepted by Advanced Materials.


June 16,2017

Zhang Yan obtained her doctor's degree,and futher studies at Max-Planck Institution with prof.Maier as post doctor. Best wishes to her!


June 16,2017

Chen Jun obtained her master's degree,and futher studies at University of Oxford with prof.Jamie Warner. Congratulations!


June 11,2017

Prof. Wang from IPE-CAS gave an great talk about synthesis and application of Multishelled Metal Oxide Hollow Spheres in CSU!


June 11,2017

Prof. Li from IOP gave an invited talk about the application of high capacity silicon electrode materials for lithium ion batteries in CSU!


June 11,2017

Prof. Zhang from Tsinghua University gave a nice talk on how to research ithium sulfur batteries in CSU!


June 11,2017

Prof. Zhang from TIPCCAS gave an invited talk on materials for photocatalytic solar fuel in CSU!


June 11,2017

A/Prof. Yan from NTU presented an excellent talk of the application of new 2D electrode materials in lithium ion batteries in CSU!


May 26,2017

Prof. Chen from Univ of Huston had a visit to Ji’s group, and great moment were shared!


May 19,2017

Congratulations! Zhang Yan’ paper “Oxygen Vacancies Evoked Blue TiO2 (B) Nanobelts with Efficiency Enhancement in Sodium Storage Behaviors” has been highlighted as the front cover of Advanced Functional Materials!


May 13,2017

Prof. Ji and Dr Hu have organized Committee meeting of PhysChem of Metallurgy at Yichun!


May 4,2017
Prof. Ji had a meeting with Prof. Bai at Peking Univ!

April 17,2017

Prof. Ji visited Prof. Zhang Kaisong at UEI of CAS!


April 16,2017

Prof. Ji presented a talk at the 2rd Energy Conversion and Storages at Xiamen!


April 5,2017

Prof. Ji were invited to give a talk at Zhengzhou Univ by Prof. Chen !


March 29,2017

Prof. Ji joined the meeting of Graphene at Chengdu!


March 18,2017

Prof. Ji and Prfo. Xu at Suzhou Univ had a visit at 999 company!


March 16,2017

Prfo. Ji visited Prof Liang Zhou’s group at Wuhan Tech univ!


February 10,2017

Prof. Ji attended the new year party organized by the hi-tech zone of Changsha!


January 31,2017

Prof. Ji joined the 20th years of graduation commemoration at Huaian No1 high school!


January 24,2017

Congratulations! Zhang Yan’ paper “Nitrogen Doped/Carbon Tuning Yolk-Like TiO2 and Its Remarkable Impact on Sodium Storage Performances” has been highlighted as the front cover of Advanced Energy Materials.


January 5,2017

Prof. Cao from Wuhan University gave a nice talk on how to design great materials for SIB;