November 24, 2018

Prof. Zhang(SCU) ,was invited by Prof.Ji to give an impressed speech,titled as"Application of New Machining Technology of Polymer Materials in Lithium Ion Batteries".


November 24, 2018

Prof. Wen(SCICAS) ,was invited by Prof.Ji to give an impressed speech,titled as"Application of High Specific Energy Secondary Battery and Solid Electrolyte".


November 24, 2018

Doc. Shi(Weily ShangHai) ,was invited by Prof.Ji to give an impressed speech,titled as"Puslishing Advanced Materials Science-How to maximize your success!"


November 24, 2018

Prof. Wei(BJUT) ,was invited by Prof.Ji to give an impressed speech,titled as"Crystal-chip Structured Electrode Materials".


November 23, 2018

Prof. Cui ,was invited by Prof.Ji to give an impressed speech,titled as"Failure mechanism of solid lithium".


November 22, 2018

Prof. Luo ,was invited by Prof.Ji to give an impressed speech,titled as"Two-Dimensional Material Protection of Metal Negative electrode".


November 14, 2018

Prof. Ji was invited to join the ENGE 2018, in JeJu, Korea to give a talk for the Bond Evolution Mechanism of Covalent Sulfurized Carbon for SIB!



November 6,2018

prof. Craig and Dr. Chis from MMU is giving a short visiting to Ji group at 6th of Nov!



November 5,2018

Prof. Ji, Prof. Craig and Dr. Chis was invited to have a short discuss with Dr. Wang, CEO of Tianjin JEVE Energy at 5th of Nov!



November 2,2018

Congratulations! Prof. Ji was awarded as "2017 the Royal Chemical Society's list of highly cited Chinese authors in Top 1%".



November 3,2018

This afternoon, Prof.Zhang had a jolly invitation on Ji's group lab.



November 3,2018

Prof.Zhang, NTU(Nanyang Technological University), was invited by Prof.Ji to give an impressed and humorous speech,titled as "Phase Engineering of Novel Nanomaterials".



October 28,2018

Prof.Ji was invited to give a talk at HZAU(Huazhong Agricultural University),titled as "the study of interface electrochemistry for storage material",this afternoon.



October 28,2018

Prof.Ji gave a nice talk on The Fifth National Conference on energy storage science and technology, which held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)



October 27,2018

Prof.Ji gave a marvellous speech at SHU(Shanghai University) ,titled as "Lithium-Ion-Transfer Kinetics of Single LiFePO4 Particles"



October 22,2018

Prof.Ji was invited to give a friendly talk for the study of interface electrochemistry at OUC(Ocean University of China)



October 20,2018

Prof.Hou & Prof.Zou and Prof.Hu took participate in National Conference on Metallurgical Physical Chemistry


September 18,2018

Prof.Ji gave a nice talk at 2018 International Conference on Novel Functional Materials.



August 30,2018

Congratulations! Prof. Ji was awarded as the Prized of national excellent young science and Technology for Nonferrous Metals.



August 27,2018

Prof. Zou gave a talk at 2018 Conference on Chemistry of Energy Materials.



August 26,2018

Prof. Hou joined The Youth Forum of The Nonferrous Metals Society of China, and presented excellent talk about group’ recent work.



July 29,2018

Prof. Hou and Pro Zou visited Prof. Yang at Tongren University!



June 27,2018

Dr Zou Guoqiang was elected as the representative of the College to speak at the symposium for celebrating the 97th Anniversary of founding a party in CSU.



June 8,2018

Dr Chris from MMU visited Ji’s group!



May 25,2018

Pro. Ji joined the seminar for the Young scholars of the Cheung Kong Programme of China.



May 21,2018

Congratulations! Zou Guoqiang obtained his doctor's degree.


May 20,2018

Congratulations! Liao Hanxiao, Li Simin and Huang Zhaodong obtained their master's degree.


May 7,2018

Group members joined The 31st CCS Congress.


April 15,2018

Prof. Hou and Dr. Zou joined The third National Conference on New Energy and Chemical Materials, and presented excellent talk about group’ recent work.


April 10,2018

Prof. Kang from Suzhou University presented an invited talk on Carbon Dots.


April 10,2018

Prof. Zhou from Hunan University gave a nice talk on Nanoparticle Electrochemistry in Electrocatalysis and Bio-deteion.


April 2,2018

Prof. Tong from Zhongshan University gave an invited talk .


April 2,2018

Prof. Wang from Fudan University presented an excellent talk on the application of aqueous battery for enery storage.


April 2,2018

Prof. Xu from NTU gave a nice talk on the research of transition metal oxide in oxygen envolved-electrochemical catalysis.


March 31,2018

Group menbers have a nice day at Liuyang.


March 25,2018

Prof. Ji was invited by Prof. Yang Bo from Jilin University to join the first conference of functionalized Carbon dots in Zhuhai!


March 16,2018

Prof. Ji went to visit Prof. Lu at ShanghaiTECH!


March 9,2018

Welcome Dr Yang and DR Tian to be group members!


February 4,2018

Prof Ji and Hou were visiting Professor Xu, Fan, Yan and Chen from NTU at Singapore!


February 2,2018

Prof.Ji was joining the CSU-JECR at the 1st of Feb, and he was inviting professor Jennifer from MIT and Dr Daniel from ETH to have a short visit to Ji’s group!


January 31,2018

Congratulations to Zhu Yirong for his dissertation has been choosen as Excellent Doctor' Dissertation of Hunan Province!


January 20,2018

Dr. Zou joined the International Coalition for Energy Storage and Innovation (ICESI) and presented a talk of “Electrochemical Methodology for Energy Materials”.