The Advance of Nickel-Cobalt-Sulfide as Ultra-fast/high Sodium Storage Materials: The Influences of Morphology Structure, Phase Evolution and Interface Property
Energy Storage Materials, 2018

Author:Sijie Li, Peng Ge, Feng Jiang, Honglei Shuai, Wei Xu, Yunling Jiang, Yang Zhang, Jiugang Hu, Hongshuai Hou and Xiaobo Ji *

Tailoring Rod-Like FeSe2 Coated with Nitrogen doped Carbon for High-Performance Sodium Storage
Advanced Functional Materials, 2018

Peng Ge, Hongshuai Hou,  Sijie Li, Li Yang and Xiaobo Ji *


Anions induced evolution of Co3X4 (X = O, S, Se) as sodium-ion anodes: the influences of electronic structure, morphology, electrochemical property
Nano Energy, 2018

Author:Peng Ge, Chenyang Zhang, Hongshuai Hou, Buke Wu, Liang Zhou, Sijie Li, Tianjing Wu, Jiugang Hu, Liqiang Mai and Xiaobo Ji *

Advanced Hierarchical Vesicular Carbon Co-doped with S, P, N for High-rate Sodium Storage
Advanced Science, 2018

Author:Guoqiang Zou, Hongshuai Hou, Christopher W. Foster, Craig E. Banks, Tianxiao Guo, Yunling Jiang, Yun Zhang, and Xiaobo Ji*

3D Hierarchical Framwork Assembled by Cobblestone-like CoSe2@C Nanospheres for Ultrastable Sodium Ions Storage
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2018

Author:Peng Ge, Hongshuai Hou, Sijie Li, Lanping Huang* and Xiaobo Ji *

Dual Functions of Potassium Antimony(III)-Tartrate in Tuning Antimony/Carbon Composites for Long-Life Na-Ion Batterie
Advanced Functional Materials, 2018

Author:Tianjing Wu, Chenyang Zhang, Hongshuai Hou, Peng Ge, Guoqiang Zou, Wei Xu,Simin Li, Zhaodong Huang, Tianxiao Guo, Mingjun Jing, and Xiaobo Ji*
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201705744

Multi-Dimension Evolution of Carbon Structures Underpinned by Temperature Induced Intermediate of Chloride for Sodium-Ion Batteries.
Advanced Science, 2018

Author:Peng Ge, Hongshuai Hou, Xiaoyu Cao, Sijie Li, Ganggang Zhao, Tianxiao Guo, Chao Wang and Xiaobo Ji*

Binding MoSe2 with carbon constrained in carbonous nanosphere towards high-capacity and ultrafast Li/Na-ion storage
Energy Storage Materials, 2018

Author: Peng Ge, Hongshuai Hou, Craig E. Banks, Christopher W. Fosterc, Sijie Li, Yun Zhang, Jianyong He, Chenyang Zhang, Xiaobo Ji*

N-rich Carbon Coated CoSnO3 Derived from In-situ Construction of Co-MOF with Enhanced Sodium Storage Performance
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018

Author:Guoqiang Zou, Hongshuai Hou*, Ganggang Zhao, Peng Ge, Dulin Yin, and Xiaobo Ji*

Electrochemical Investigation of Natural Ore Molybdenite (MoS2) as a First-Hand Anode for Lithium Storages

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018

Author:Sijie Li, Honghu Tang, Peng Ge, Feng Jiang, Jiahui Zhou, Chenyang Zhang, Hongshuai Hou, Wei Sun*, and Xiaobo Ji*

Enhanced stability of sodium storage exihibited by carbon coated Sb2S3 hollow spheres
Materials Chemistry and Physics 203 (2018): 185-192.

Author: Peng Ge , Hongshuai Hou, Xiaobo Ji*, Zhaodong Huang, Simin Li, Lanping Huang


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