Hierarchical Hollow-Microsphere Metal-Selenide@Carbon Composites with Rational

Surface Engineering for Advanced Sodium-Storage

Advanced Energy Materials

Author:Peng Ge, Sijie Li, Laiqiang Xu, Kangyu Zou, Xu Gao, Xiaoyu Cao, Guoqiang Zou, Hongshuai Hou, and Xiaobo Ji *
DOI:10.1002/ aenm.201803035

Ultra-fast Sodium Full batteries Derived from X-Fe (X = Co, Ni, Mn) Prussian Blue Analog

Advance Materials

Author:Peng Ge, Sijie Li, Honglei Shuai, Wei Xu, Ye Tian, Li Yang, Guoqiang Zou, Hongshuai Hou and Xiaobo Ji *
DOI:10.1002/ adma.201806092

Lithium-Ion-Transfer Kinetics of Single LiFePO4 Particles

J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2018, 9, pp 4976–4980

Author:Wei Xu, Yige Zhou and Xiaobo Ji *

Dual Functions of Potassium Antimony(III)-Tartrate in Tuning Antimony/Carbon Composites for Long-Life Na-Ion Batteries
Advanced Functional Materials, 2018

Author:Tianjing Wu, Chenyang Zhang, Hongshuai Hou, Peng Ge, Guoqiang Zou, Wei Xu,Simin Li, Zhaodong Huang, Tianxiao Guo, Mingjun Jing, and Xiaobo Ji*
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201705744

Tailoring Rod-Like FeSe2 Coated with Nitrogen doped Carbon for High-Performance Sodium Storage
Advanced Functional Materials, 2018

Peng Ge, Hongshuai Hou,  Sijie Li, Li Yang and Xiaobo Ji *


Nickel Chelate Derived NiS2 Decorated with Bifunctional Carbon: an Efficient Strategy to Promote Sodium Storage Performances
Advanced Functional Materials, 2018

Author:Ganggang Zhao, Yang Zhang, Li Yang, Yunling Jiang, Yu, Zhang, Wanwan Hong, Ye Tian, Hongbo Zhao, Jiugang Hu, Liang Zhou, Hongshuai, Hou*,  Xiaobo Ji and Liqiang Mai

Engineering 1D Chain-like Architecture with Conducting Polymer Towards Ultra-fast and High-capacity Energy Storage by Reinforced Pseudo-capacitance
Nano Energy, 2018.

Author:Peng Ge, Sijie Li, Honglei Shuai, Wei Xu, Ye Tian, Li Yang, Guoqiang Zou, Hongshuai Hou* and Xiaobo Ji

Anions induced evolution of Co3X4 (X = O, S, Se) as sodium-ion anodes: the influences of electronic structure, morphology, electrochemical property
Nano Energy, 2018

Author:Peng Ge, Chenyang Zhang, Hongshuai Hou, Buke Wu, Liang Zhou, Sijie Li, Tianjing Wu, Jiugang Hu, Liqiang Mai and Xiaobo Ji *

Binding MoSe2 with carbon constrained in carbonous nanosphere towards high-capacity and ultrafast Li/Na-ion storage
Energy Storage Materials, 2018

Author: Peng Ge, Hongshuai Hou, Craig E. Banks, Christopher W. Fosterc, Sijie Li, Yun Zhang, Jianyong He, Chenyang Zhang, Xiaobo Ji*

The Advance of Nickel-Cobalt-Sulfide as Ultra-fast/high Sodium Storage Materials: The Influences of Morphology Structure, Phase Evolution and Interface Property
Energy Storage Materials, 2018

Author: Author:Sijie Li, Peng Ge, Feng Jiang, Honglei Shuai, Wei Xu, Yunling Jiang, Yang Zhang, Jiugang Hu, Hongshuai Hou and Xiaobo Ji *

Multi-Dimension Evolution of Carbon Structures Underpinned by Temperature Induced Intermediate of Chloride for Sodium-Ion Batteries.
Advanced Science, 2018

Author:Peng Ge, Hongshuai Hou, Xiaoyu Cao, Sijie Li, Ganggang Zhao, Tianxiao Guo, Chao Wang and Xiaobo Ji*

Advanced Hierarchical Vesicular Carbon Co-doped with S, P, N for High-rate Sodium Storage
Advanced Science, 2018

Author:Guoqiang Zou, Hongshuai Hou, Christopher W. Foster, Craig E. Banks, Tianxiao Guo, Yunling Jiang, Yun Zhang, and Xiaobo Ji*
DOI: 10.1002/advs.201800241

Electrochemically Exfoliated Phosphorene–Graphene
Hybrid for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Small Methods 2018.

Author:Honglei Shuai, Peng Ge, Wanwan Hong, Sijie Li, Jiugang Hu, Hongshuai Hou,
Guoqiang Zou, and Xiaobo Ji*

N-Rich carbon-coated Co3S4 ultrafine nanocrystals derived from ZIF-67 as an advanced anode for sodium-ion batteries
Nanoscale, 2018.

Author:Yunling Jiang, Guoqiang Zou, Wanwan Hong, Yang Zhang, Yu Zhang, Honglei Shuai, Wei Xu, Hongshuai Hou* and Xiaobo Ji

Perovskite ABO3-Type MOF-Derived Carbon Decorated Fe3O4 with Enhanced Lithium Storage Performance
ChemElectroChem, 2018.

Author:Li Yang, Ye Tian, Peng Ge, Ganggang Zhao, Tiancheng Pu,Yingchang Yang, Guoqiang Zou, Hongshuai Hou, Lanping Huang, and Xiaobo Ji

Enhanced stability of sodium storage exihibited by carbon coated Sb2S3 hollow spheres
Materials Chemistry and Physics 203 (2018): 185-192.

Author: Peng Ge , Hongshuai Hou, Xiaobo Ji*, Zhaodong Huang, Simin Li, Lanping Huang

Electrochemical Investigation of Natural Ore Molybdenite (MoS2) as a First-Hand Anode for Lithium Storages

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018

Author:Sijie Li, Honghu Tang, Peng Ge, Feng Jiang, Jiahui Zhou, Chenyang Zhang, Hongshuai Hou, Wei Sun*, and Xiaobo Ji*

N-rich Carbon Coated CoSnO3 Derived from In-situ Construction of Co-MOF with Enhanced Sodium Storage Performance
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018

Author:Guoqiang Zou, Hongshuai Hou*, Ganggang Zhao, Peng Ge, Dulin Yin, and Xiaobo Ji*

3D Hierarchical Framwork Assembled by Cobblestone-like CoSe2@C Nanospheres for Ultrastable Sodium Ions Storage
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018

Author:Peng Ge, Hongshuai Hou, Sijie Li, Lanping Huang* and Xiaobo Ji *
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.8b01888

Evaluating the Influences of the Precursors Sulfur Contents on the Structure and Sodium Storage Performances of Carbon Materials

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018

Author:Ganggang Zhao, Yu Zhang, Guoqiang Zou, Yang Zhang, Wanwan Hong, Yunling Jiang, Wei Xu, Honglei Shuai, Hongshuai Hou* and Xiaobo Ji


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